I played ‘Angry Birds’ on Magic Leap and it blew my mind – Business Insider
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I played ‘Angry Birds’ on Magic Leap and it blew my mind – Business Insider

“Indignant Birds” on Magic Leap.


  • The gaming studio at the rear of “Indignant Birds” has created a model of the renowned cellular video game for mixed-reality headset Magic Leap.
  • I received to demo the video game, and it was the ideal use of Magic Leap’s tech.
  • I selected a location on a true table, and up sprang the acquainted setup of green pigs perched atop several combos of blocks. Then you get to function knocking them down.
  • What is remarkable is Rovio developed “Indignant Birds” obtaining not seen the Magic Leap package.

If you like “Indignant Birds,” you will go wild for “Indignant Birds” on Magic Leap.

Rovio, the gaming studio driving the franchise, teamed up with VR/AR experts Resolution Video games to carry its authentic slingshot to the a great deal-hyped combined-actuality headset.

Magic Leap 1st uncovered its extensive-awaited eyeglasses in August, and they were being met with some disappointment from critics.

But having spent just thirty minutes with the game (which was introduced in Oct) at a demo in London, it is potentially the excellent software of Magic Leap’s tech.

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When I very first put the headset on, a field of white dots distribute out, mapping the room. Then, I was invited to spot the sport wherever I required.

I picked a spot on a table, and up sprang the acquainted setup of inexperienced pigs perched atop a variety of mixtures of blocks. You then use a pretty easy slingshot mechanic to catapult the birds to the pigs, as in the authentic cellular game.

The recreation was incredibly intuitive, and intensely addictive. I walked all all-around the table hunting for the finest angle. I also stooped in so near my nose was virtually touching the pigs, who mocked me as I peered at them. As I moved close to, a team of birds adopted me all over on the desk, prepared to be introduced.

Most awesome was likely the simple fact that when I accidentally overshot and observed a hen fly into the corridor and bounce off a chair. The reality that the kit experienced rendered that far was a instant of astonishment — whilst I was told that the tech nonetheless struggles with mirrors, as it confuses them for a window into a different place.

Blocks tumbling off a table after getting strike by a fowl.

Rovio’s imaginative director of extended truth Sami Ronkainen instructed me that the following teaming up with Resolution in January, the studio batted all over a several various concepts right before settling on the vintage slingshot video game. “We had concepts like the pigs constructing stuff on structures, and probably chasing the pigs about and all that type of factor,” he said.

Traveling Blind

Ronkainen mentioned Rovio opted for the extra acquainted slingshot mechanic for the reason that they experienced a shorter time-body to make the recreation, and hadn’t essentially observed the Magic Leap package however.

“We realized we would be doing work with components however in improvement, we could not be a hundred percent certain of the functionality of it so we did not want to rely on the 3D modelling functioning properly all the time,” he reported.

Without having obtaining noticed the Magic Leap package, Resolution experienced to produce the recreation alone making use of a VR simulation living place, CEO Tommy Palm advised Company Insider. It took 5 engineers six months to construct the sport, and then in the summer they finally received their hands on an genuine Magic Leap headset.

“3 days later on we experienced a running edition of the sport that basically labored,” Palm reported. He credited the quick turnaround to a “bit of luck” alongside with some “superior estimations on what the hardware was able of.”

The Magic Leap headset.
Magic Leap

Ronkainen is pleased with how the unique plan for “Angry Birds” translated into mixed-truth. “I assume what operates really properly is for the reason that the slingshot game is physics-based by nature, so then combining the sport physics with the genuine-planet physics operates really normal,” he explained.

For Rovio, getting “Angry Birds” on to Magic Leap is mostly a study and progress undertaking. The Magic Leap headset currently fees $two,300, so individuals would not be enjoying the recreation en masse any time soon.

Nonetheless, Rovio is ramping up its AR and VR ambitions. Previous week, Rovio and Resolution uncovered a new VR sport in the franchise termed “Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs.” Should really AR and VR headsets grow to be a commercial fact, Rovio will be well organized.

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