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The Witcher 3 Collaboration Guide – Leshen – Monster Hunter World Wiki Guide – IGN

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A The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt crossover with Monster Hunter World allows you play as Geralt of Rivia up against a Leshen. This Exclusive Assignment, Agreement: Difficulties in the Historical Forest, incorporates mysterious facet quests to total.

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How to Start off The Witcher 3 Collaboration Quest[edit]

  • Hunter Rank 16 is required to start out this quest.
  • Very first, make guaranteed Monster Hunter Earth has up-to-date to Version 6..
  • Communicate to the felyne in blue armor suitable in front of the Provisions Stockpile
  • Agree to journey to the Research Foundation
  • Converse to the Lynian Skilled (Tailraider Safari girl) downstairs.
  • Concur to Participate in as Geralt, The Witcher
  • If you are unsuccessful, speak to The Witcher at the Research Base
  • Once you conquer it once, it will be accessible from the Quest Board beneath Unique Assignments

Witcher Walkthrough: How to Defeat the Leshen[edit]


Most of this mission is straight ahead. Preserve an eye on your map for icons of wherever to go, and pay awareness to the prompts, and you really should be great.

The Leshen, on the other hand, is fairly hard. We had achievement combating it with the given Sword and Shield. Here are some suggestions.

  • Using Agni with the Sword and Defend geared up is uncomplicated. Block with R2 and push Sq./X to use Agni without having acquiring to sheathe your weapon.
  • Use Agni at will as usually as feasible – just make positive you time it appropriate so it does not miss out on! Observe for the Leshen’s teleportation inform.
  • However, after you achieve the third location of the struggle, dangle on to Agni. The Leshen will start summoning Jagras – which Agni can eliminate in 1 strike.
  • Preferably, Wait around for the Jagras to group about the Leshen, and hit them all with Agni in a single shot.
  • If Agni is not up, preserve the Jagras at bay for a time with a Flash Pod.
  • Focus on breaking the Leshen’s horse to cut down how normally it calls for back again up.
  • Retain Slinger Ammo on-hand at all occasions. Use it to stun the Leshen proper in advance of it disappears into the shadows. It will show up black, but the determine will still be there.
  • When the Leshen thrusts its roots into the ground, put up your defend to block the incoming blow. When you might be considerably away, you can see the roots as glowing trails on the floor, but when you happen to be near, it will most likely be a huge AOE.
  • The Leshen is vulnerable to poison. Take gain of the Poison Daggers (and other provides) in any blue Provide Box at any camp.
  • For additional assistance against the Leshen, you can save a Pukei Pukei from the vines, at the rear of the initially one you find. It will seem in the closing stage of the combat, and can be healed with Daily life Powders.

Witcher Facet Quests: The Main Problem and Pukei Pukei in Peril[edit]


For a entire tutorial on the facet quests, look at the video clip above, or go to the complete Witcher Facet Quests Tutorial. Otherwise, here is a summary of every.

The Main Concern[edit]

To start off The Chief Challenge, to start with make confident you have all Palico Gizmos. If you have the Meowlotov Cocktail, you are golden. Then, start off the Witcher quest like regular. one. Collect a Gajalaka Doodle two. Talk to the Lynian Investigate.

These two steps will start off the quest line. For much more specifics, go to the Witcher three Event Aspect Quest Guidebook Web site.

Pukei Pukei in Peril


1. Help save the ensnared Pukei Pukei behind the useless 1. two. Retain it alive when it will come to aid in Geralt’s struggle against the Leshen in the closing phase.

Completing this awards an Assault Jewel – but only at the time.

See far more aspects in this article.

How to Capture Nekkers and Unlock Palico Gear[edit]

To unlock the Nekker Pores and skin for your Palico, you are going to have to go via additional dialogue selections with the Endemic Life Researcher for the duration of the Witcher Distinctive Assignment – she’s the a person who tells you about the Aptonoth. You Will have to entire the quest for this dialogue to count! This will unlock a Critical Bounty. Then, you ought to head to the Historic Forest at night time to seize a Nekker, and flip it in.

The Witcher / Geralt Complete Armor Set[edit]

To make Geralt Alpha Full Armor Established, you are going to will need three Leshen Skulls and other supplies. Because you only get just one Leshen Cranium per quest, you are going to have to have to comprehensive it 3 periods just to get this armor.

Witcher’s Silver Sword


Witcher’s Silver Sword is a type of Sword and Defend, and it is amazing! You can expect to require only one Leshen Cranium, but two Leshen Antlers. Make sure to emphasis on the Leshen’s antlers when combating to break them off. You can be equipped to improve this weapon with an additional update on February 15, which will include a more challenging version of the Leshen.

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