What Could Nintendo’s Unannounced 2019 Games Be? – IGN
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What Could Nintendo’s Unannounced 2019 Games Be? – IGN

Will they or Nintend-will never they?

Nintendo declared currently that it can be holding on to some unannounced games that it programs to launch this 12 months. If there is certainly one factor I enjoy, it is really ruining the surprise for myself, and so I did a little digging into doable clues.

It’s an attention-grabbing predicament, provided that Nintendo tends to enjoy teeing up its more substantial games effectively in advance of their release. That would look to position to a smaller launch – but Nintendo has also explained it has an unannounced title it thinks will “please supporters” in the wings. With that in mind, the subsequent is a checklist of (primarily) educated speculation about what we could be seeing pop up in a Nintendo Direct, and popping into our Switches soon later on:

Pikmin four

Of all of Nintendo’s proven franchises, this appears the most probably to get an impromptu release, largely mainly because Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned it was close to becoming completed about three decades in the past. It then “fell down the record of priorities” at Nintendo, and we obtained a middling handheld spin-off, Hey! Pikmin to plug the hole.

Just in circumstance you believe Hey! Pikmin was Pikmin four, Miyamoto spoke about the numbered sequel in 2017, declaring it was “progressing” in Nintendo’s own studios (whereas the handheld sport was made by an external developer). We have not listened to nearly anything given that – wouldn’t it be good if Uncle Shigeru was waiting to shock us with a rather new tale of insectile genocide?

A Mid-Tier Multiplayer Zelda

Until we get a Majora’s Mask-model remix of Breath of the Wild, it seems quite not likely we’ll be getting a new mainline Zelda match for some time, but that doesn’t essentially imply we won’t get a Zelda video game at all.

In current many years, Nintendo’s tended to fill gaps concerning big releases with more compact, a lot more experimental Zelda titles. The Minish Cap popped up concerning Wind Waker and Twilight Princess Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks propped up the spot concerning Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword Backlink Among Worlds and Tri-Power Heroes made the hold out for Breath of the Wild marginally far more bearable. Each and every one of the gaps concerning these online games have been two several years or considerably less.

And, as we approach two a long time considering the fact that the Switch’s 1st Zelda activity, we’ve experienced collection producer Eiji Aonuma say that he’d like to choose learnings from Breath of the Wild and use them in a multiplayer video game, and observed Nintendo commence using the services of for a new Zelda challenge. 5 Swords Adventures, any individual?

A Retro Studios Donkey Kong

Nintendo just restarted enhancement on Metroid Prime four, and set Retro at the helm. Which begs some questions: what was it working on right before that, and will we see that activity concluded? Given that releasing Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze in 2014, Retro’s only general public venture was… a port of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. If it was not doing work on Key 4 before now, a little something need to have been in the is effective.

A 3rd Donkey Kong title would not be an outlandish suggestion – every of the final two has been properly-obtained, and it’d proceed the studio’s streak of releasing just one for every Nintendo components technology. There’s also the chance it was working on a new IP completely. Retro’s also no stranger to Nintendo cancelling its initiatives in favour of Metroid – growth of the initial Prime led to a few different video games being cancelled – so there’s also the sadder chance that whatsoever was in the operates is destined to stay unreleased.

SNES Remix

The NES Remix sequence has been created on shock. The very first retro mash-up video game was declared and launched on the very same working day, even though the sequel arrived just two months immediately after its reveal. Admirers have clamoured for a SNES-themed abide by-up ever considering the fact that.

It’s not likely that Nintendo would have allowed an in-household eShop title to cannibalise profits of the SNES Typical micro-console but, with that now advertising out and apparently not coming back, there is certainly definitely no impediment. In addition, co-developer Indieszero has been radio silent because the launch of its previous game, Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido – here’s hoping this is what it is operating on.

AA Shock Match

Nintendo’s manufactured a advantage of saying and releasing mid-tier, “AA” surprises for a number of decades at this this level. The aforementioned Sushi Striker, the BoxBoy sequence, Dillon’s Rolling Western, and a lot more have popped up seemingly out of nowhere and picked up followings (and the occasional Smash Bros. aid trophy). Some thing along these strains seems far more suited to a swift announcement-and-launch than a person of the company’s tentpole franchises.

Wii U Ports

Certainly, we have had a ton of these now, but there are loads extra we haven’t witnessed make the soar from previous-gen still. The likes of Super Mario 3D Globe, Pikmin three, Super Mario Maker, and the Hd remakes of Zelda: Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are all amid the prime-sellers on Wii U – it stands to reason that Nintendo would want to income in on that level of popularity on a significantly more successful console.

A New Micro-console

It’s not technically a recreation in and of by itself, but the contents of an N64 Common would satisfy the notion of “unannounced games”. We saw a trademark for the N64’s structure filed previous yr, and subsequently came up with our alternatives for a line-up. It’d be pleasant to see those people online games pop up once again in 2019. The two the NES and SNES Traditional had a limited announcement-to-launch time too, 4 and a few months resepectively.

Of course, Reggie Fils-Aime says the corporation has no strategies for an N64 re-launch “right now”, but he claimed that last yr. But how extensive does “right now” cover? We have researchers performing on that very problem, er, ideal now.

F-Zero Change

Just kidding.

Mother three

Just kidding even far more.

Joe Skrebels is IGN’s Uk Deputy Editor, and he was Pikmin four the most. Adhere to him on Twitter.

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